Monday, November 28, 2011

Have a Little Faith

Laurence (or is it Lawrence?) Fishburne was on the View this past week promoting a movie he was in this weekend. When they showed a clip of the movie, I said to myself, "Paula, that sure looks like the church in Detroit where Nedra and David were married."

I forgot I wanted to watch the movie until tonight. It was called Have a Little Faith and was written by Mitch Albom, a writer for the Detroit Free Press who has written several good books AND his articles are something to be read also.

Tonight, as I was flipping through channels, I an across it. I yelled, well, said REAL LOUD to the husband, "Watch this! I think the church is the one where Nedra was married."

The scene started out in front of the church and it looked SO like the one we were in.

When they went to the side door, it looked more familiar and inside the church they showed the balcony in front of the stained glass windows and I KNEW it was the church.

The movie was awesome. It will be re-aired on the Hallmark Channel. If you didn't see it, you must. It is another of Mitch's true life stories.

Now, I'm wondering if we might have met Mitch Albom when we were at Nedra's wedding?  He would have been attending the church the same time she was, so it is very probable. I wonder if the misister who married Nedra and her hubby was Rev Covington, the Fishburne character. We were there before the roof was patched in 2009. When we saw the church, the hole wasn't as big as it was in the movie . . but they did have buckets and pans around.

Pastor Henry Covington

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings Ornament
iStitch - chart available HERE
R&R Reproductions 28 ct French Vanilla Linen
Crescent Colours Floss - Erin Go Emerald, Wild Berries
Stitched one-over-one
Stitched by Carol S.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joy Ambigram Ornament

Joy Ambigram Ornament
Meg Shinall - The Flower Thread Company
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2011
32 ct Opalescent White Belfast Linen, Victorian Motto Sampler Thread, DMC Floss
Stitched by Carol S.

Joy to the World Ornament

Joy to the World Ornament
Helga Mandl Designs - in Carolling Cards
R&R Reproductions 32 ct Creek Bed Brown Linen, Crescent Colours Floss
Stitched one-over-one
Stitched by Carol S.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Joyce's Nov ornament

A Very Merry Christmas ornament
JWB designs
stitched on 14ct green aida
stitched by Joyce
for a Christmas ornament exchange