Monday, March 26, 2007

The Lost Ornaments or how I spent my SAL weekend (Adana)

Amazing what you can find if you dig deep enough.

This Mary Garry Christmas Heart Pincushion (2000 JCS orn) was stitched in 2003 and I was all ready to finish it when it was lost. Yesterday it was found. (stitched with DMC floss)

Come Let Us Adore Him (Lizzie*Kate) was finished in the final days of 2002. It was unfinished when I went to San Diego in November, but I came home with a broken elbow. Finishing the stitching on this piece after 8 weeks off work and not stitching became my therapy. Before work this morning I pinned this piece and will lace and frame it tonight. (Stitched with overdyed floss)


Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations on finding a lost ornament!!!

Your finished one is beautiful!!!

catandturtle said...

Beautiful work. Both pieces look awesome. Ann.

Unknown said...

Both pieces are lovely. Well done.

Chelle said...

They're both wonderful, Adana! I especially like the Mary Garry design. How exciting to find it at last!