Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Blue Tree

I took part in an ornament exchange. The main colour had to be blue, so I chose this design by Debbie Draper from The Gift of Stitching christmas issue and stitched it using a variegated floss from Croatia.

I then mounted it onto blue felt and added a snowflake button to finish it off. The cording hanger is made by me too :)

I'm not quite sure why it looks like there's a crease on the fabric, it certainly didn't have it before I took the photo.

You'll all notice that I'm posting under a new name (or maybe not), but that's because my other account has been suspended by those in charge as they have classed cross stitching to be spam. That was a month ago and I've still to receive any kind of reply from them to resolve the issue. Therefore I had no alternative but to move to wordpress and my blog is now: Fire Fly Dreams. I contacted Jennifer earlier today asking if I could come back as a 'different' person! Thankfully she sent me an invite and I'm now able to post once again.

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