Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Forget - SAL Weekend

Do you know all week I've been feeling guilty about forgetting to post a reminder about the SAL Weekend (like I did for June), only to realize TODAY that it's this weekend? Perhaps I should look at a calender every so often!

So it's THIS weekend for our SAL, and by our, I mean yours, because I have been severely lax in stitching ornaments for a few months. Between the moving, unpacking and getting settled, then vacation and yardwork, combined with me wanting to finish my housewarming gift to ourselves, ornaments have fallen a bit by the wayside.

But never fear, there will be new themes and new featured stitchers up for August. And just as a reminder, if you do have a blog or online stitching album and you're not listed on the blog, let me know where to find you and we'll get you added to the list.

Have a great weekend, and happy stitching!

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