Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finishing? What's that?

I've made peace with being one of the world's slowest stitchers, but I really need to conquer my non-finishing tendencies. I've been on an Ornament Campaign, and I've finished a fair amount for me, but I haven't finished any of them. Sigh -- story of my life!

7_06_2008 028
St. Ruth's Designs Christmas Cottage from JCS 1998 (I'm pretty certain it was 1998). Done in DMCs on opalascent lugana.

7_06_2008 029
LK "Faith" in DMCs on Wichelt's "Summer Sky" hand-dyed jobelan.

7_04_2008 023
I think this is a LK pattern, but I was going by a picture so I'm not sure. If you can lend any knowledge, I'd be grateful.

7_04_2008 021
part of a larger design from a bok I can't find now -- one of those big books of Christmas patterns

7_01_2008 022
JABC's Jingle All the Way

6_26_2008 067
Elizabeth Designs Christmas house form one of the JCSes - might have been last year's even.

6_25_2008 004
part of a larger design from a British stitching magazine

6_21_2008 008
Charland's wonky tree from last year's JCS in Belle Soie over-dyed silk on natural linen. And, an "edited" and beaded LK from last year's JCS.

And, drum roll please, the only ornie I've finished so far this year ---
6_22_2008 008
From Gift of Stitching magazine.

As you can probably guess, any finishing catalysts would be greatly appreciated. lol


Vicki said...

Love all of them ! especially the finished one. LOL

This is my first year but this is working for me (because I KNOW I'd have the same problem)... I do not start a new ornament until I've finished the last one. AND I do not post a photo until it's finished... all of this keeps me motivated.

Vicki said...

and also slows me down... it's why I've only done 4 and here it is July !!!

Lori said...

WOW! you have been so busy!! but I admit, I love the house in the snow! my favorite! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying you blog. I had no iea you were blogging. But I hve added you to my bloglist (they had a tutorial which helped a lot). If I EVER get done stitching Christmas stockings, I'd love to do an ornamnt a month. Will there be rom for me in another year?