Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christmas in August

I was surfering the internet and came across a Christmas SAL blog which really inspired me to get stitchin. I don't make gifts for people unless it is specifically requested because most people can't appreciate the time, effort that goes into them, and would prefer something store bought. However, this is the first Christmas in my own home and had this crazy idea to have the tree decorated in handmade ornaments either by myself or others.
I ordered two kits off of

This is the first one and

this one which is on back order. Should be sent out in September 17th.
I even got my husband to say he would do the penguins. I am going to start my kids with the snow men and I will do the first kit.
If all works out we might make it a family tradition to make at least one ornament for our tree for Christmas.


Vicki said...

Very cute kits. I saw a freebie site that had charts similar in style to the snowmen. If you're interested I can try to find the link.

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome! Thanks

Vicki said...

Hi Jennalynn, LOL just what you need ... another pattern ! But since you said yes...

Here is the link to the free patterns.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am my own worst enemy LOL