Friday, August 22, 2008

Christmas Rush

Normally most people are rushing till Christmas eve to get everyone their gifts for Christmas and all Christmas related shopping done. Ambitious crafters are up till midnight finishing those last few perfect gifts. I have been there many times myself. However early in August of last year I refused to let that happen to me again. So I bought Christmas presents for that year and this year.

Yes, I have all my Christmas gifts done already. No shopping required. No rushing to finish that last gift. No rushing mad woman this year. I am so smart! (somewhere in the distance thunder cracks). I got cocky, proud of myself and my ingenuity. So what happens.....God gave me a humility check. A very BIG humility check.

I recently moved and realized that I have no ornaments for the Christmas Tree. So what was my great plan.... why don't I make them? They will be so much cooler than the ones you buy. (The storm clouds begin to roll in) Yes, in my brilliancy I decided to make all the ornaments for our Christmas Tree.

I posted recently with the ones that I bought from Herrschners. Well I just now bought 30 more ornaments from

This adorable set of 30 ornaments come with everything floss, fabric, gold plated needle, chart and felt backings. They are actual mini Christmas stockings that you can put something in. Perhaps floss *hint, hint to hubby*. I really like the detail of the ornaments. It is hard to see in the pic, but once they come in I will post and personal pics.

That is 61 ornaments total (lightning flashes) and I have plans to buy 6 more (the rain starts to pour). They are penguins. My husband loves penguins. He will be so happy. I love to surprise him. He works really hard for our family and I think when he sees our tree with penguin ornaments he will be really, really happy. I will have a lot of fun making them too. (Hope you got a boat)

I know I will be up till the very last second making all these ornaments. I will be a mad woman this year only instead of gifts it will be ornaments, LOL. (Yep, a big boat)

Don't get cocky folks, it just doesn't pay. At least I will have some really neat ornaments!


Vicki said...

VERY ambitious !!! and very cute items ! thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Wow... a whole tree with hand-stitched ornaments in a few months?! I want to see a picture when you get it up; I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Those little stockings are awesome - and my Mum would love to have them. Would you mind sharing the designer/manufacturer so I can try to hunt them down locally or order through my usual ONS. Thanks so much :) Kind regards, Anne (in Australia)
email is