Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ornament for our New Home

JCS 2007 Ornament Issue - Deck the Halls by Julia Lucas Designs
stitched over 2 on 32 ct. fabric with DMC and specialty threads

I know - it barely looks like the version in the magazine, which is very nice, but I really wanted to personalize this piece for my husband and I since we bought our first home in June.

The most obvious change is changing the door from green to red. I also added a brass kickplate and house numbers and left off the wreath treasure. Oh, and the bushes are a little bigger because I screwed up a little and started them higher than they should have been, so I had to make some adjustments. And while I was at it, I changed the Welcome to our name (blurred for privacy), and added our new town and the date at the bottom.


Donna said...

Very nice. Love the changes!

Shelleen said...

it looks great and love the changes that you made