Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Perpetual Christmas Card

Here's a little 'perpetual Christmas card' that I sent off to my Mom yesterday. Hopefully it won't hit a snag in the international mails and will arrive in time to hang from one of her windows (or wherever she decides to hang it - LOL!). The front side is based on an old Barrick Samplers design, but has been reworked for Christmas. The backside has all our names, using an alphabet very loosely based on a Brightneedle alphabet.

I used silks from my stash on a piece of 28 ct DMC natural linen. The twisted cord is a DMC metallic that I thought went well. The cuties in the picture are baby photos of my mom (top) and myself (bottom). ;)

1 comment:

Dianne said...

This is a sweet gift and I hope it gets there quickly for your mom too!
You look pretty much the same since childhood. : )