Thursday, December 04, 2008

Two ornament finishes

Before the magazines were published, Sue Hillis asked me to find some fabric and fibres for these two ornament designs. Her local model stitcher had already stitched them on 25 count fabric over 1, but Sue thought they were a bit big, and wanted them done on 28 count fabric.I found the fabric she wanted and brought it to her, and then, silly me, I volunteered to stitch them. Only at the time I didn't realize they were to be done "over one". The stitching wasn't so bad, but the frogging was terrible!

Anyway, the charts can be found in the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Preview Issue and in the Ornament Issue itself. They were done on 28 count Lugana, on white and Victorian Red, with GAST - chalk, and WDW - garnet.

I have sent them off to Sue and she will "finish" them, she is much better at it than I am.


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Milly~ said...

Beautiful work!

Shelleen said...

looks great on both colors