Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Whine

May I whine? I have nothing to show for my Christmas ornies for the past 2 months!! I've been so busy trying to catch up with my regular WIPs that the Christmas thingies have been forgotten in the vast pile of things. HELP! I keep promising myself to do one, and it never gets to my hands!

Any and all enabling and encouraging and helpful hints would be much appreciated.

Deb in FL


Ruth said...

Deb, I completely understand. I didn't work on any ornies until March and even then I only did a UFO from last year. Maybe think about how good it would feel amongst all those major WIPs to have just one finish-- a quick finish. Fin the fastest ornie you can and wallow in the happiness of a finish. Possibly it can energize not only your ornie campaign but also those treacherous WIPs.

Chelle said...

Whine away! Sorry I don't have anything helpful to suggest.

Lavender Rose said...

Thanks you two. I'm gonna catch up one of these days!