Monday, January 29, 2007

Holley's January Dinky Dyes Duo

I managed to stitch two ornaments this weekend and started two others (I am what should be known as a SASS--Short Attention Span Stitcher). I used Dinky Dyes silks for both the finished ornaments this month and just pulled from my stash.

The first is a freebie from The Cat's Whiskers. I used the recommended Dinky Dyes Silks with the exception of using Icy Rose (from the Winter 2007 Limited Edition Pack) for the Merlot. I also did not use the silver BF because: 1. I really hate BF and 2. I want to find a small crystal star rather than the silver sequin star because I think the crystal will last longer. It is stitched on 32 count Little Boy Blue linen.

My second finish is "God Bless Us Every One!" by A Stitch and a Prayer which can be found in the December 2006 issue of The Gift of Stitching. My Step Father usually plays an abridged audio recording of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" on Christmas Eve and I thought it would be nice for either him or my Step Sister. I did not have the Ozark Sampler threads on hand so I substituted Dinky Dyes # 112 Banksia for the yellow, #58 Kayla's Roses for the red and #96 Christmas Pines for the green. I thought it turned out very nice.

I plan to finish them into ornaments once I've made a few more. As I said, I have two more started and I've already picked four or five more ornaments to stitch next month. I am tempted by many of the designs that have been posted and I have a few on order. Everyone has stitched beautiful ornaments.

I'm looking forward to next month's SAL but for now, it's back to my regularly scheduled stitching!


Chelle said...

Your ornaments are lovely!

bunnyhead said...

Cute finishes!

KarenV said...

They're both sweet ornaments :)

Heather said...

They're both beautiful ornaments Holley.

tkdchick said...

They look great and thanks for sharing the freebie link!

Pennie said...

LOL...I love SASS!! You've chosen beautiful color substitutions for your ornaments. You've really got an eye for color.
I also love hearing your reason for stitching the second ornament. It always makes them so much more special when there's a story behind them. =)