Monday, January 01, 2007

Anticipating the First SAL

My own list seems to grow every day. I'm closing in on thirty ornaments to stitch and I still haven't found all my ornament designs. Do you think this would be a good excuse for buying TW's Twelve Days of Christmas or the Christmas Collection so that I can get the Byzantine Ornaments?

I've made a list of designs I want to stitch from the Gift of Stitching and the JCS 2006 Ornament Issue. I also have quite a few Christmas freebies saved to my computer. When I find the rest of my stash, I'm certain I will add many more to my list. Umm, will we be doing this in 2008 too?

At the moment, I am leaning toward making some Drawn Thread Keepers into ornaments. I found them in the freebies post at the HAED BB. They look cute and quick to stitch. I can easily get the DMC at the nearby Pat Catan's or I could find the Weeks and GAST at my not so LNS. Plus the keepers have instructions on finishing them. That is a huge help to me because I am great with stitching, not so good with actually finishing things.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to buy some Ornament finishing books as well.....


Nicki said...

Holley - I think it's a great excuse for buying the 12 Days of Christmas! One year I plan to do these one per month (but not this year!)

Alison said...

Holley, you could always try some of the Mill Hill ornaments on perforated paper. No finishing involved and they look lovely!