Monday, March 26, 2007

With My Needle JCS Ornament Issue Designs (Adana)

These are the With My Needle JCS ornament issue designs from 2004-2005-2006. I have three of the five pieces in this series stitched as I still have the 2003 design and the additional design from 2006. These are a really quick stitch and I'm doing mine on Belfast linen with Threadgatherers Silk n Colors 'In The Reds'.

The pieces in the issues and that I've stitched are as follows:
2003 - A Needleworker's Pocket
2004 - Christmas Swan Needlebook (top left)
2005 - A Quaker Scissors Sheath (right side)
2006 - Quaker Pinkeep and Scissor Weight (scissor weight- bottom left)


tkdchick said...

What an impressive set!!!

lamone said...

great idea, awaking the wish to have it too........;-))

catandturtle said...

Adana, thank you for the comment on my blog. I like the analogy Tom Brokaw used as well, very appropriate. I wonder if we are refering to the same stitching person.

Your stitching looks awesome. I love the red! Ann.

Chelle said...

I'm jealous that you have so many completed! They are on my list to stitch this year. Congrats on so many great finishes.

Lavender Rose said...

Cool, Adana! These ornies are beautiful in that clear red and I'm so happy for you that you got them stitched!!