Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amish Angel Ornament

Hello Stitching Pals! I am hoping to do a lot better this year with this SAL than I did last year... starting with my January ornament that I finished yesterday:

Amish Angel Ornament

Told In A Garden

32 ct Dirty Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, RG Petite Treasure Braid

Stitched by Carol S.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! How did you finish the edge? Looyoo

Redwitch said...

Very pretty Carol, your stitching is perfect as always.

Carol said...

Hi Looyoo - I used a simple pillow finishing - backstitched the edges of the front and back, and put together with a whipstitch... added a gold bead to the needle every other stitch :-)

Barbara said...

Lovely stitching Carol (might I add as always) :) Love that angel!

Barbara said...

What a sweet finish!!