Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My January Ornament ~ Let it Snow!

Ok, it's Barbara's fault ~ I saw this link on her site this morning and since I had an ornament-style design (let it snow freebie) nearly finished; well, he became numero uno in this SAL and thank you Jennifer to adding me so quickly. Excited to be in the SAL!
Worked on 28ct Babbling Brook linen
Chalk (GAST)
Snowflakes (Carries)
Yorktowne (Olde Willow Stitchery)
House Wine (Cresent Colours)
DMC 413, DMC 225, DMC 930, 721


Barbara said...

Hooray, Tanya! It's wonderful to see you here!! :D

Anne said...

Your snowman is very cute!

Tanya said...

Thanks so much! This SAL is a great incentive to get these done :)


Sharon said...

Great ornament finish!

Sharon said...

Great ornament finish!