Monday, January 28, 2008

Mill Hill Santas

This is my first post so I hope I get it correct. Just finished 2 Mill Hill Santas - worked on perforated paper. I have quite a collection of these worked plus I have some kits in my stash and will aim to have them all worked before the end of the year.
The one on the left is Mandolin Santa from the Musical Santas series and on the right is Avignon Santa from the Medieval Santas series. I usually put a small, flat magnet on the back and at Christmas cover the doors of my refrigerator with them.


Vicki said...

Just beautiful !! lovely details too.

Anonymous said...

I love these Mill Hill pieces. I did one once that was a rooster stitched on's one of my favorites to this day! Great job! Kim

Sue said...

Lovely santas's and such detail for saying that they were stitched on perforated paper

well done