Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An introduction

Hi everyone! I'm Lynn, a new member to the group and want to thank Jennifer very much for the invite. I mentioned on my blog that I hoped to get some ornaments done in the new year and I'm hoping that all of you can keep me motivated to do just that. I finished my first ornament just after the New Year although it was a work in progress since the beginning of December. Holiday activities just kept pushing it aside. I'll post this as my first contribution to the group. I'm new to finishes so bear with me since that may take me a bit longer!

Christmas Day Play by Lynn's Prints

from JCS 2003 ornament issue


Sweet Pea said...

Great job, Lynn!

Sharon said...

It's adorable Lynn! Welcome to the group!

Redwitch said...

This is a cute one, I have a black cat too :)