Sunday, January 06, 2008

Woefully Late: My November Ornaments

I stitched motifs 11 and 12 from Rosewood Manor's Red Threads on Tartan Green Wichelt Linen with DMC 99. I was attempting to achieve kind of a candy cane look, but I'm not sure I succeeded. What do you think?

I finished an ornament in December too, but I haven't photographed it yet and it's been finished completely and is rather 3-D so the scanner won't work. That whooshing sound I heard was December rushing by me. Maybe I can post pictures of the December ornament by the time the January SAL ends.

I had enormous fun with this SAL last year and stitched 18 ornaments! I am eagerly anticipating another year of ornament SALs.


Lee said...

I think they're great, and candy cane-ish in a swirly peppermint kind of way.
Very lovely!

Looyoo said...

These are really beautiful - I love the shading/the way the colors change. Very nice!