Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm New

My Name is Sue and live in Derbyshire which is in the East Midlands UK

Hi ladies and any gents out there, I know that there are male stitchers and would not want to miss out any of them (my husband is a stitcher and knitter).

Anyway as I said I am new to this group, have viewed this site a few times and have admired all those lovely ornaments. Just love all the different finishes. Hopefully will try out some new finishing techniques, I usually just put them into small tuck pillows. I love the flat ones with pins around (how are those made?).

Last year I made quite a few ornaments and gave them out instead of christmas cards but making lots before christmas was quite a challenge, so will be nice to complete themduring the year. I have quite a few JCS ornament issue and so cannot wait to stitch from them.

I love sitting out in the summer on my decking which over looks our pond and stitching christmas items. I love snowmen and will stitch anything, anytime of year, I'm not a seasonal stitcher although I do love stitching christmas items.

The picture featured here is one of my projects that I am stitching this year

I do have a blog if anyone cares to take a peek


Vicki said...

Welcome Sue !

Patty said...

Hi, Sue! There's a free chart of a snow couple (snowman and snow lady)at I was thinking it might make a nice ornament.

xsfriend said...

Hi Sue,
Welcome. For pinkeep try
I have not tried any but it is a nice tutorial w/pics.

Good luck. Jackie

Sue said...

Thankyou ladies for the comments.

I've looked and put those web sites in my favourites.

Love the snowmen couple with the heart around.

Plus the instructions for the pin keep look eas will definatley give that a try